Technology Providers

Through our workshops series, classes, and consulting activities, ConstructionVR has direct relationships with most of the large construction and architecture firms in New England, and rapidly expanding beyond. We work only for the client to find or create best fit solutions.

That said, we can only recommend what we know, so we are always looking for information on available and upcoming technologies. If you have an immersive visualization product you want to sell to AEC sector, please give us as much information you can about it. If it is of decent quality and fills even a potential need, we’ll put in on the menu for our clients.

We also offer unbiased advising and development services to technology providers who want to serve the AEC market. We can do market research, help with all aspects of product development, conduct research on its effectiveness, help you develop deployment strategies, and generally help you situate your product within the industry. If you are interested, drop us a line.

For example, we are on retainer with Scalable Display Technologies to produce general workshops on immersive visualization for AEC under their name brand. It has given them access to many decision makers in the industry.