Property Developers or Owners

From the day you propose a new residential tower, or hospital, or anything, you are pre-selling that space. The right investors, regulators, eventual inhabitants, and other stakeholders involved in the proposed space have to agree with your vision for it to happen. Usually this is done with drawings, renderings, scale models, and (lately) interactive 3D computer models. But none of these can show what an entire interior space looks like—they can only show you a slice at a time, and never at life scale. Some people simply cannot visualize what it would be like to occupy the space, and nobody will imagine it the same way.

The solution for new construction is to visualize the design in Virtual Reality (VR), which lets the viewer literally walk around “in” the design. It creates perfect agreement on what the current design is, clearing the way for discussion on how to develop it further. Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) adds 3D visualizations to your view of the real world. It is perfect for seeing renovations, additions to existing structures, or how the building will look “on-the-street” when it is done.

Immersive Visualization allows you to control the message so that your stakeholders know exactly what you propose, because you put them (virtually) IN it. That clears the way for you to build your case and for design negotiation. It even helps you communicate with your builder, who can visualize quite well, but you want him to see the design the way you see it.

Virtual Model Apartment

A model apartment is a very powerful sales tool for residential developments, for obvious reasons. Wouldn’t it be great to have one, even before the building exists, so you can start selling units right away, or at least develop interest, and show it to your investors and other stakeholders, besides? With Virtual Reality (VR) you can do exactly that, a compelling experience where the user can walk around in the virtual space and look in any direction. While you can’t touch it, the virtual model can do things a real one can’t. You can change major design options (furniture, doors, rooms, finishes) with the touch of a button. Track changes in the light throughout the day. Best of all, you can send out as many copies as you wish to your agents, clients, or publicists. Anyone with basic VR gear can experience it. You can also generate still images, animated walk-throughs, interactive web models, and other promotional materials from the virtual apartment. Let us team up with your architects to build a virtual model apartment for you. Contact us for a demonstration and estimate.

Virtual Operating Room

The design of an operating room must be exquisitely tailored to the needs of the surgeon and their team. Lives depend on it. And the OR makes 90% of most hospitals’ profits, more than enough to pay for good design. A powerful tool for insuring that is a virtual reality simulation, where the surgeon can walk around in a virtual OR and even manipulate simulated instruments. Needed changes can be made on the spot, or the next day. It costs $7000 to move a sink in real life, zero in VR.

At ConstructionVR, we have decades of experience in immersive visualization for learning and decision support. We know the technology and have extensive business partnerships in the AEC and tech sectors. Most of all, we listen to you. We will combine our expertise with your own to develop the right solutions for you. See About Us.