Architects and Interior Designers

One of the most difficult, and essential, things you have to do is communicate the current design to the client for regular design review and negotiation. Usually this is done with drawings, renderings, scale models, and (lately) interactive 3D computer models. But none of these can show what an entire interior space looks like—they can only show you a slice at a time, and never at life scale. Some people simply cannot visualize what it would be like to occupy the space, and nobody will imagine it the same way. Even other architects and trained construction engineers will put the pieces together differently, and it takes mental effort, better spent elsewhere.

The solution for new construction is to visualize the design in Virtual Reality (VR), which lets the viewer literally walk around “in” the design. It creates perfect agreement on what the current design is, clearing the way for discussion on how to develop it further. Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) adds 3D visualizations to your view of the real world. It is perfect for seeing renovations, additions to existing structures, or the placement of furniture and finishes in a real space.

Training In Immersive Visualization

The usual path for new technology in architecture is for dedicated professionals to learn it in their spare time, then eventually work it into projects. As with other tech, there is enough free training materials out there to figure it out eventually. But we can save you a great deal of time with our training for groups or individuals. The most valuable part of that is at the beginning, when we survey different tools and their capabilities.

Virtual Mock-Ups

For a large project, a construction company will spend $50-$300K to build a temporary physical mock-up of a portion the design, just to understand it better. These are expensive in time, money, and available space. By contract, a virtual mock-up, visible in any type of VR display, generally cost 10% cost to build, in 20% of the time, and can be used to answer 80% of the design questions that a physical mock-up can help resolve. Furthermore, virtual mockups can do many things impossible in real life, like simulating a very large built open space, changing seasonal or hourly light conditions with the blink of an eye, and more. Let us make you a virtual mock-up or show you how, and show you how to use it.

At ConstructionVR, we have decades of experience in immersive visualization for learning and decision support. We know the technology and have extensive business partnerships in the AEC and tech sectors. Most of all, we listen to you. We will combine our expertise with your own to develop the right solutions for you.