About Us

Who We Are

ConstructionVR offers full-spectrum consulting in all types of immersive visualization for developers, architects, construction companies, urban planners, and others. We can show you how to use Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and similar media to:

take the pain out of explaining the design to your client. Just put them in it!

provide more robust and accurate design communication between stakeholders.

accelerate planning ahead of physical construction. Beat those deadlines.

provide a peerless experience for marketing and direct sales.

Let us be your guide through the many software and hardware providers now marketing to the AEC sector. We can find or create the solutions you need and train your people to use them well. Please click the appropriate link below if you are:

An Architect or Interior Designer

Working for a Construction Company

Property Developer or Owner

At ConstructionVR, we have decades of experience in immersive visualization for learning and decision support. We know the technology and have extensive business partnerships in the AEC and tech sectors. Most of all, we listen to you. We will combine our expertise with your own to develop the right solutions for you.

Drop us a line or come to one of our successful Workshops and Classes on Immersive Visualization for AEC. This is where we collaborate with professionals in AEC to develop the understanding of how these technologies are best used.

ConstructionVR, LLC, is led by Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson and a network of professionals he has been working with for years.  We come together for projects, as needed, putting together just the right team for each job. Our track record under ConstructionVR, and earlier, EnterpriseVR and PublicVR, is excellent. Below, are some of the key people involved.

Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D.

Immersive Visualization and VR Consultant

Jeffrey Jacobson, Ph.D., is a researcher, engineer, and leader in virtual reality, with a particular focus on learning and perception in three dimensional space. His expertise is grounded in information science, the study of information flow in the mind, the computer, and the environment. He has led dozens of successful projects, published nearly 100 papers, and led countless talks, seminars, classes, and meetings. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Jacobson has mastered each wave of immersive visualization technology (especially virtual reality) and consulted in a variety of industries. Today, he co-leads the BostonVR meetup group, the sixth largest virtual reality enthusiast club in the world. His current focus is in collaborating with the top minds in the AEC sector to use immersive visualization to improve the design communication that is so vital to BIM and LEAN approaches in construction.